FREE Job Tracking Software

  • CHEAP Job tracking software system

    Discontinue of FREE Job card tracking software system with time sheet, job costing and job inventory

    Due to several reasons we have decided to discontinue the FREE subscription of our Job Card Tracking system.

    As per December 1st we will no longer offer the FREE subscription but instead offer a really cheap alternative.

    The Single-User MOBILE ACCESS subscription will be offered for as low as $10.00/month (+GST if any) (or €5.25/month).

    And with annual payment you will even benefit of a 10% discount which means only $90.00 (or €56.70) per year.

    The Single-User MOBILE ACCESS subscription is currently priced at $10.00 (or €8.00) per month.
  • FREE Job tracking software system

    FREE Job card tracking software system with time sheet, job costing and job inventory

    The FREE A-Vision Job tracking software system give you FREE hosted single-user access to Job cards, Inventory, Time sheets, Job costing, Invoicing, Xero integration and Reporting.
    Make a running start with this easy going Job Tracking software system.
    A help for every tradesman.

    Register now to claim your FREE job tracking system. paid features
    Multi user access (unlimited).
    Allow your employees to access the system for time sheet access and more.
    Mobile access.
    Access the system from your mobile anywhere with internet access.
    Add unlimited number of documents to the system (Fair use policy).
    PDF invoices are always automatically added to the Job cards.
  • Client management

    Client management

    Clients are automatically recorded when entering a new Job Card. Simply start using the system and your client database will fill up automatically.
    If you are using Xero as your accounting system, then you can also download your Xero contacts into the Job Tracking system.
    For a manual upload of your contacts into the Job Tracking system, please contact us. paid features
    Easily select a previous client using a drop-down to make sure you never double up on client records.
    Import your clients from google contacts.
  • Job planning

    Job planning

    Plan your jobs with ease; enter the job contact, location (linking to google maps), the job description and a small report once finished.
    Print the Job card for your convenience to use by the field staff for recording time and materials. paid features
    Repeat jobs, easy managing repeating jobs with reminder.
    Create your jobs as events in google calendar.
    Give your employees mobile access to your jobs so they can create a job report and complete the job on the spot.
    Let your clients sign-off the job at location.
  • Job Inventory management

    Job Inventory management

    Using the system's inventory you will be able to quickly add materials to your jobs. Keep track of your used materials to re-order and keep your stock up to date.
    The A-Vision Job tracking system perfectly integrates with Xero to retrieve your Inventory items from Xero.
    For a manual upload of your inventory into the Job Tracking system, please contact us. paid features
    Select materials to your costings easily with a materials drop-down from the inventory.
    Let employees add materials themself to the job using mobile access.
  • Job time sheet recording

    Job time sheet recording

    Enter time sheet information for each job. This will give you precise information on costs regarding the jobs together with the recorded spent materials. paid features
    Give your employees mobile access to your jobs so they can record their time spent on the job while working.
    Always get the right amount of time spent on the job.
    Sign up for a multi-user system to allow each staff member its own access.
  • Job costing management

    Job costing management

    When it comes to job costing many are left in the dark. Using the A-Vision Job Tracking system this will end.
    Using the recorded materials and time spent on a job gives you an exact insight in what the job has cost. This in returns allows you to invoice appropriately. paid features
    With mobile access employees can add costings to the job card by themself. This in returns makes sure you can invoice correctly once the job is completed.
  • Job PDF & XERO invoicing

    Job PDF & XERO invoicing

    With the proper Job costing in place invoicing correctly now becomes an easy job.
    Either create a PDF invoice from the system or directly create an invoice in Xero with the Xero invoice integration.
  • Job card reporting

    Job card reporting

    Standard system reporting include Jobcards overview (expense vs earnings), Timesheets totals, Used inventory overview, Low stock and invoice export.
    All report results can be exported as a CSV file.
  • Customer satisfaction

    A customer's response

    We have only been using the system for a short time and within that period the major benefit we have found is that as each job is done, the field worker has to log his / her time and materials.
    This in turn allows the office process to become much more efficient as completed job is billed immediately instead of having to wait for the paper work to arrive at the office.
    That allows jobs to be completed and finalised in the office system much faster.
    Also having to input time / material daily or per job, means the field worker does not have to remember what was used or how much time was spent at the job the next day.
    Everyone within our business is happy about this
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